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OPTIMA at a glance –
Revolutionising oncology


The OPTIMA project is a multi-stakeholder-led consortium with the vision of providing access to cutting-edge personalised treatments and innovative therapies for patients with lung, breast and prostate cancer.

The primary objective is to design and deliver an interoperable, GDPR-compliant European real-world oncology data platform, tailored to the needs of clinicians and patients to enhance shared


Real-world Data Integration: Gather and harmonise large-scale structured and unstructured real-world datasets, combining information from diverse sources.

AI-guided Decision Support: Develop a secure, sustainable platform incorporating AI-driven decision support tools aligned with the latest clinical practice guidelines.

Guideline Prioritisation: Focus on prostate, breast and lung cancer to create a scalable and regularly updated guideline decision-support tool.

Advanced Analytics and AI Models: Utilise AI and advanced analytics to generate new knowledge and insights for better cancer care.


Improved patient outcomes through tailored treatments and novel therapies.

Enhanced clinical decision-making based on robust evidence and guideline adherence.

In-depth understanding of cancer outcomes and patient well-being via advanced analytics.

Establishment of rigorous data protection measures for patients’ personal data.

Key Components

AI-guided Decision Support Tool: A sophisticated tool aiding clinicians in making evidence-based decisions using up-to-date guidelines and patient-specific data.

Data Integration and Harmonisation: Robust processes to collate and standardise real-world datasets from multiple sources, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Ethical and Legal Compliance: Adherence to all legal and ethical standards concerning patient data privacy and research conduct.

OPTIMA Overview –
Setting new standards in
Cancer Research


The OPTIMA project fosters collaboration among medical professionals, researchers, patients and patient advocates, technology experts and the pharmaceutical industry.

An inclusive and sustainable approach underpins the consortium’s efforts to drive impactful research outcomes.


OPTIMA Overview –<br />
Setting new standards in<br />
Cancer Research


The OPTIMA platform will be deployed in clinical settings, providing real-world support to clinicians and patients.

Continuous evaluation and optimisation will ensure platform efficacy and technical robustness. 

Data Privacy

Patient data confidentiality and privacy will be rigorously maintained, adhering to stringent data protection rules and regulations.


The OPTIMA project is a collaborative endeavour poised to revolutionise cancer care through advanced data-driven approaches and AI-guided decision support.

By integrating real-world data, prioritising guideline adherence, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the project aims to significantly impact personalised cancer treatments and shared decision-making, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and well-being. 

Tackling Cancer through Real World Data
and Artificial Intelligence